Damn it’s hard to stay motivated to workout. I am so empowered every time I see a friend and fellow momma putting in the work. I did competitive gymnastics growing up and later played volleyball in college. I was never the world’s greatest athlete but since I was little, I put in the work every day at the gym or on the court. I even stumbled into teaching step aerobics B.C. B.C. stands for “before children” if you were unsure.

Fast-forward to mom carting my kids to every sport under the sun and sitting in admiration as they work their little tails off. What I know is that I need to value myself more in order to find the time somehow to exercise, whether it’s a neighborhood walk/run or bike ride with the kids or trying to do the elliptical in my basement as my kids climb on the equipment and “watch me” or “look at me” or “I’m bored”. It’s easier to just not do it. But I know I feel more confident, healthier and I know I’m a better example for my kids when they see me being active and exercising.

Huge thanks to my sister-in-law for telling me about these awesome and affordable Bluetooth headphones https://amzn.to/2Ix7bNx. This makes my workouts WAY more fun and faster when I can jam out to my favorite music. My other new favorite mom workout hack is Amazon Music. How did I not know to put this app on my phone and stream the music for FREE (since I’m a Prime member)!!! My new favorite run/walk tunes are the Hamilton soundtrack – LOVE! 

Cheers to all the mothers who somehow find time to put in the work. I have Beyonce in my head…we run this mother!