I’m excited to share some amazing gift ideas that my own kids love. These are things they have played with or used time and time again. These are not one time toys or those that get thrown in bins to clutter up the house.

Here are our top toys and gift ideas for ages 2-10.

Wall Climbing Car

This is a WOW toy for sure. I have to admit even I enjoy this car. It’s pretty amazing to be able to drive on the wall. It also lights up and looks very cool in the dark. This is the perfect boy gift!


These are a perfect stocking stuffer. My kiddos love wearing these to read in the dark or for exploring on night hikes or when we go camping. These come with us whenever we travel and it’s perfect to allow the kids to not have to hold a flashlight and still be able to illuminate a path. They’ve worn these for Easter egg hunts in the dark where they could use their hands to hold their bucket and on recent Cub Scout camping trips.

Marble Run

I love watching my boys play together and collaborate with the marble run. You can add a bag of marbles for a perfect stocking stuffer. I’m linking the exact one we have that my boys love.


Who knew this would be such a hit! We have played countless hours of four square where the boys draw lines with sidewalk chalk and the four of us play as a family. We also love using this for kickball. This goes with us in my car a lot when Roen and I are waiting for Jonathan at one of his activities. Ro and I take turns kicking the ball to try to allow the other person to catch it.


It would be impossible to create a gift guide and not include LEGO. Our kids have spent countless hours pouring over LEGO’s. I love the creativity they inspire. These are a few of their favorite sets in a wide range of price points.


These wooden dominos have continued to be a hit with the boys and it’s incredible to see the strategy they use together to come up with new courses.

Snap Circuits

For Science loving kids, snap circuits is a fun and exciting gift. This comes with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions to empower kids to create circuits that power a fan, light switch and more.

Double Sided Easel

I am unable to link to this through LTK but here is the exact easel we have from IKEA. It’s an amazing deal at $20 and my kids love playing school and other games using the easel. Throw in some dry-erase markers for a stocking stuffer and this will occupy them for hours. It’s great for Pictionary also https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/mala-easel-softwood-white-50021076/


Swim goggles are the perfect stocking stuffer. I’ve tried numerous brands and styles and these are amazing! These have lasted several years and the kids love to use them for swimming in the pool and even in the bath!

Color Bath Drops

These are so simple but my kids LOVE adding color drops to their bath. These do not leave color on your kids or your bath and it’s neat to see how the colors combine for kids to learn which colors combine to make other colors.

Mini Basketball Hoop for Indoors

My 5 year old LOVES sports and was ecstatic to receive this last Christmas and continues to play with this frequently.

Sticky Mosaics

These are amazing for travel. My kids LOVE doing these on airplanes and will spend hours doing it. These are so great for fine motor skills.


Only one of my boys is into Nerf but he LOVES it! I’m linking his favorites though interestingly, some of the ones they love most are not the name brand. You can see the favorites here, including the face mask which the kids think is so awesome and it’s nice to have their eyes protected when they are battling… #boymomlife

Electric Toothbrushes

This has been a favorite stocking stuffer since the boys first starting brushing their teeth. Who knew kids would get so excited about a toothbrush but these are always winners.

Snow Shovels

Also a surprise gift that the kids love and are so proud to use. They love helping dad shovel and these are the perfect size.

Thomas the Train Trackmaster

Thomas the Train ruled our house for several years and brought delight to our boys. Jonathan could play with his choo choos for hours when he was as young as 2 years old. We knew every character and had more trains than I thought possible. At 5 and 7, I haven’t been able to part with them just yet. On occasion, the boys will still build an elaborate trackmaster set. They don’t marvel at the characters as they used to but they do still appreciate the engineering and design elements of constructing a giant track. This tent has been used hundreds of times. This was a showstopper for Christmas when Jonathan was 2 and they’ve loved this well over the years. They love climbing in and out of it and using it as a fort. If you have a train lover, this will be a hit! These were some of our favorites through the year…

Arts and Craft Supplies

I love gifting arts and crafts supplies to our kids and others. It’s amazing to see their creativity in action. These are some basics that our kids have enjoyed often.

Travel Games

I love having these travel games for airplane rides and trips. I also keep a bag stocked with these in my car for when one kiddo has to sit through another sports practice or activity. These are the favorites that are easy to transport and we play again and again.