What a fun adventure! The boys and I got to do an Instagram takeover for TJ Maxx and complete the Maxx50Challenge for Halloween costumes.

I am a frequent (more often than one should admit) TJ Maxx shopper and love the Maxx50Challenge concept. I saw a darling blogger friend (you should check out www.wineatbedtime.com) do the Maxx50Challenge for athleisure. It was so cute and she slayed it. I sent a DM to the TJ Maxx Insta and they replied back with how to apply. At that time, we were gearing up for back to school shopping so I applied and suggested getting two back to school outfits for my boys for under $50. We got busy with the start of school and then out of nowhere, I got an email from TJ Maxx. You know I was freaking out with excitement. They told me they loved my blog and adventures with my boys (#allthefeels) and asked if I would be interested in doing a Halloween costume Maxx50Challenge. Yes, yes and more yes!

It all moved quickly from there. I loved having the opportunity to talk with their marketing team and hear their brand strategy and ideal stories. Thankfully, I have a friend who was as excited as me, who wanted to help shoot the videos and photos (a million thank you’s). I chose the location and time, which allowed me to complete the challenge in an evening after work and send the stories back to TJ Maxx over the weekend.

When I told the boys about the challenge, they were all in. I mean, what kid doesn’t want an awesome, free Halloween costume. My 7 year old, Jonathan, is interested in acting and recently started classes. He was fascinated with the stories, the concept and was even telling his friends at school about the Maxx50Challenge (he was surprised no other 2nd graders knew of this). He’s so great, I love his enthusiasm and the joy he brings to everything he does. Roen is my shy guy. I wasn’t certain he would want to participate. He doesn’t love photos and isn’t one for the limelight. But he thought it sounded awesome and he was so excited to check out all of the costumes at TJ Maxx.

What I loved about the boys trying on the costumes was when they looked in the mirror, they delighted as they were transformed by the costumes. And they were so excited for each other. It was really sweet.

For Jonathan’s try-on, he selected a shark (they are fleece pajamas), Army Special Ops and an astronaut. Roen selected a dinosaur, shark and gladiator. They were all so cute and I would have loved any that they chose.

Roen chose the shark. He loves sharks and as a new kindergarten student, that is his school mascot. He was so excited to choose the shark to wear for pajama day at school and Boo at the Zoo here in Kansas City. He immediately put it on when we got home after the challenge because he loved how soft it was. He has already worn it numerous times. Jonathan had a hard time deciding as he loved all three that he tried on. He selected the astronaut. Jonathan is a Cub Scout and knows that numerous astronauts were also Eagle Scouts.

As we made our way to the checkout, we saw a great selection of Halloween books and my little book lovers sat down for a story in TJ Maxx. I loved the juxtaposition of this exciting, creative moment with costumes, then coupled with the peaceful moment of sitting down to cuddle and read. The shark was $16.99 and the astronaut $24.99 so we picked up a pair of Halloween socks to reach our total of $48.19. I sent 18 photos and videos to the TJ Maxx marketing team. They requested at least 12 “assets” so I wanted to be sure they had options to choose from. I was very curious how they would put it together and which photos, videos and boomerangs they would choose. I am required to disclose #ad and that I was a paid influencer/partner for this project.

They emailed me to let me know me know they would post my stories on October 14 at 10 a.m. EST. Stay tuned!