Stop what you are doing and check out Tinkering Labs! I’m so happy we follow Tryazon on social media and had the opportunity to host a Kids Tinkering Party.

My 7 year old, Jonathan, has played with this every day since we hosted our party. We got to try out Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst. This inventing set is designed for ages 8+ and was absolutely amazing for my creative, STEM loving 7 year old.

Here’s what I loved about this set. It does have guidelines but it doesn’t have instructions. There is not a right way to complete these challenges. I got to watch my 7 year old son and 7 year old nephew use their creativity and ingenuity to build and power their very own creation. They were clearly used to step-by-step instructions and were not used to having to trouble shoot and problem solve. It wasn’t easy for them at first but the payoff was big and well worth it. Their faces absolutely lit up when their creation worked. You can check out our video to see their problem-solving skills and that moment of pure joy.

Tinkering Labs Tryazon Party

The Tinkering Labs Catalyst comes with 10 Challenge Cards to inspire the kids but what they do with it is only limited by their own imagination. And this isn’t a one-time toy. As I mentioned, my son has taken this apart and rebuilt it every day over the last week. He’s created a getaway car for his school project to allow his gingerbread man to escape. He’s created a machine that can draw circles, straight lines and curvy lines. And he’s ecstatic to try to create a machine to beat an egg!

Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst comes with 50 high-quality parts to allow your creative kids to make all kinds of motor-powered creations.

If you’d like to learn more and see other reviews, check out the link below. You can use the code TINKERTRY15 to save 15%. Don’t forget to add the code when you are checking out on Amazon. I also noticed you can save an additional 10% by clicking the Amazon coupon when you purchase. This would make an amazing gift for a child or grandchild. I always love giving gifts that I know will encourage learning and creative thinking.

For the younger kids, you will need to assist them as they work through the trial and error process. My 5 year old is VERY interested but needs more support working through it. Once they try it and understand the process, you can see the wheels turning in their little brains and then you can sit back and enjoy their creative process (or make dinner and all of the other tasks we juggle daily).

Thank you Tinkering Labs and Tryazon!

We did receive this free kit in exchange for an honest review. And this is 100% honest. I would not celebrate anything that I would not use or wear myself. I’m a budget mom and understand the importance of value. And with that, I also appreciate that this kit fits in one small box and can be used again and again. This is perfect for snow days and sick days to combat the dreaded, “I’m bored.”

I’m truly grateful that Tryazon and Tinkering Labs chose our family for this opportunity!