Isn’t it the best when you get to surprise your kiddos and see their amazing reactions? I was over the moon excited that we were selected to try a Razor hoverboard thanks to Tryazon. My heart leaped out of my chest when I got the email because I knew my kids would lose their minds when they saw this amazing multi-color glowing hoverboard. Check out the boys first reactions and their unboxing! And that was just the beginning.

My kids were thrilled to be selected for a Tryazon Party to try the Razor Hovertrax X-Ray!

We hosted a #tryazon #razorblockparty with family and friends to share this awesome experience. My boys loved the cool look of the Razor Hovertrax X-Ray. It has an innovative translucent body that displays glowing and phasing multi-color light show from inside. To put it simply, it is very cool! This would be an absolute showstopper for Christmas or birthday!

Out of the box it only took 20 minutes to charge and look at it glow!

From the moment this came out of the box, the boys could not wait for their turn to take it for a spin. It said to charge for up to 6 hours but it only took 20 minutes and the light turned green. We were ready! I held their hands to start because I wasn’t sure what to expect. You could see the pride and nerves and from the first few moments, they loved it! Within 24 hours they were pros at riding this and were so proud to show it off to family and friends. They especially love riding it outside at dusk and inside in the dark to see the amazing light effects. I know how hard it has been with COVID to not have all of our usual adventures so this was an amazing gift to try something new and joyful from the comfort of our own home.

The boys held my hand at first until they felt steady.

I already knew Razor made awesome scooters. Razor has been the worldwide leader in scooters since 2000, when they made the kick scooter a global phenomenon. Since 2000, they have sold a whopping 34 million scooters, including 13 million electric scooters, to become the global experts in scooter innovation. From manual scooters to electric skateboards, from hoverboards to turbopowered heel wheels; at Razor they believe fun is forever. That is why Razor products are designed to grow with kids.

Now they are pros at riding the Razor hoverboard around the house and in the neighborhood!

We want to extend a huge heartfelt thank you to @razorworldwide and @tryazon for gifting us this hoverboard and allowing us to share our joy and happiness with our family, friends and followers.