A window into our snowy day. ❄️🌈 I love the simple, colorful moments like these with our #gifted @picassotiles animal set and the joyful contrast of warmth and vivid color inside against the blanket of white and -10 degree wind chill on the other side of the glass. We are in the coldest stretch of weather (and getting even colder) that I can remember in Kansas City. I love the simple joy of playing with the kids with these coloful tiles and how they inspire creativity and open ended play. These little animals attach to the magnets and can be added onto any other sets you own. https://picassotiles.com/products/picassotiles-animal-set-pta07?rfsn=4846333.6da93a&_pos=1&_sid=3b022d9be&_ss=r. We started with one small set whent he kiddos were tiny and have added more tiles and sets through the years as these continue to be a favorite.

Picasso Tiles

I usually take snow days off with the boys but had too much work to accomplish. Here’s what I learned. “Dad Camp” involved fast food eating, intermittent supervision and just as much happy as “mama days”. It has been a juggle and struggle this year without our safety net of family we’ve been so fortunate to rely on. I truly don’t know how many families are making it all work. When I start feeling frustrated and cooped up, I like to look for moments like this and remind myself brighter days are ahead and we have much to be thankful for right here. 💗