As I set out on my car buying journey, I was surprised that as a confident, get things done woman and mom, I felt nervous and intimated. As I searched my feelings, I knew I wanted to blog about the entire car buying process. I reached out to Cable Dahmer Kia and they loved the idea of partnering to showcase my real car buying experience. What I loved about my early conversations with them was that they wanted feedback if there were any ways they could improve the car buying process from start to finish. They genuinely wanted to know what they could do better. And as I asked what they most wanted to feature, they continued to express their desire for me to share the real experience as I walked through it. I chose Cable Dahmer because of their investment in our community but felt a deeper connection to the people I met and their true desire to ensure I walked away a happy customer. I’ve written this in partnership with Cable Dahmer but the views and opinions expressed within this article are my own.

My aging Honda Pilot served me well. 10 years and more than 200,000 miles of memories with my family. I loved the 2009 style I had but personally didn’t love the newer body style, look and feel of the current Honda Pilot. I began researching similar sized vehicles and the Kia Telluride piqued my interest with high safety ratings, lots of features for the price point and the design that had similarities to the Range Rover without the high price tag. I knew I wanted to test drive the Kia Telluride but also wanted to test drive other vehicles in case there were others out there that might be a better fit for me.

My first step was a call to the sales team at Cable Dahmer. I made an appointment to test drive several vehicles and drove in my Honda Pilot for a trade-in estimate. Everyone I met was incredibly nice and helpful. In advance, they asked what vehicles I was most interested in test driving. I told them what features I was looking for, my ideal price range and they made recommendations based upon what I shared. They brought in a Kia Telluride, Buick Enclave and GMC Acadia to get started.

When I arrived for my test drive day, I was greeted by Caleb who would be my salesperson. Caleb immediately set to work getting to know me, walking around my Pilot with me, asking about my favorite features and learning more about what I wanted and didn’t want in my new vehicle. We talked about colors, features, how long I hoped to keep the car and he made me realize that while I didn’t think I had strong opinions yet about my new car, I did already have them. I found our morning together incredibly helpful to learn about my options, things I didn’t even know existed on vehicles and what was most important for me and my family. Caleb and I talked about our families as we test drove several vehicles and I appreciate feeling comfortable in asking any and all questions.

We started with the Kia Telluride because that was what I was most interested in. Kia Tellurides are a hot commodity. Very few are on dealer lots and most that are, tend to be already spoken for. Based upon the research I had done and what the Cable Dahmer team had shared, I knew if I decided on the Kia Telluride, it would likely mean ordering one. I was open to that idea but ordering would mean a few months wait and I am ready for a new vehicle in time for our summer road trips and adventures. My test drive Telluride was used and I knew I wanted new but it was fabulous to have the opportunity to drive one to ensure it was a good fit. I already knew I loved the Telluride exterior but was excited to learn more about both the interior and exterior features. I fit comfortably in the seat and instantly noticed how the seat shape seems to align with my body and felt incredibly comfy. Other features I liked are how easy the Telluride turns and parks. With my kids in so many sports and activities, I’m often squeezing into parking spots and the Telluride excelled for me in this arena. I also appreciate how the side mirrors turn in when the Telluride is parked which is a great feature for parking in our garage next to my husbands’ large truck and allowing the kids and I to easily maneuver between the vehicles. I was pleasantly surprised by how much room it offered in the middle row and third row. With most packages, the Telluride offers the choice of captain’s chairs or a bench seat. We currently have a bench seat in our Pilot but I’m looking forward to captain’s chairs as my kids are getting older and do better having their own space. After my test drive of the Telluride, I already felt I had a clear winner but I was eager to drive the other vehicles to open my eyes to other possibilities or perhaps to reinforce my strong feelings for the Telluride.

I loved the exterior look of both the Buick Enclave and the GMC Acadia. They both drove smoothly and I felt safe and comfortable while driving them. However, I realized quickly that my heart was already with the Telluride and I was excited to begin the ordering process.

I really appreciated the time and care the Cable Dahmer team devoted to my test drive experience to help me realize exactly what I was looking for in my next vehicle. I didn’t expect to walk away with such strong feelings toward one vehicle. I’ve never considered myself much of a car person. I had no idea how many opinions I had without even realizing I had them. My Cable Dahmer test driving experience helped me to realize this. My family is part of everything I do and I wanted to get their opinions on the Telluride. I picked the boys up from school and they did a “whoa, cool” as soon as I pulled up. My boys immediately loved the captain’s chairs, the car talk feature (which allows the driver to press car talk to talk to those in the back of the car without yelling) and told me I would definitely be a cool mom in this car which made me laugh.

When I returned the Telluride, Caleb shared with me my trade-in estimate and what that would mean for my purchase price. I appreciated how patient he was with all of my questions and his understanding that I still needed to think through some details and features. I was torn between ordering a white Telluride which I decided was the color I wanted or going with one they already had arriving sooner in the color Wolf Gray. I love so many of the Telluride colors but for some reason, I kept coming back to the Glacial White Pearl. My Pilot was white and I guess I’m a creature of habit. I appreciate that they didn’t try to speed up my decision but were willing to answer my questions or concerns at every turn. I never felt intimidated by the process and continued to feel that they took time to get to know me! It helped reassure me to know that this time and any future car buying for myself or my family would be done with Cable Dahmer.

I decided on the Kia Telluride, Glacial White Pearl with the EX Premium Package. I absolutely love the sleek look of the Nightfall Edition. My favorite features of the Kia Telluride are the 7-Passenger Seating w/ 2nd-Row Captain’s Chairs, Power-Folding Mirrors and Smart Key w/ Push Button & Remote Start. The ordering process was incredibly easy and our family is so excited to get our new Kia Telluride this summer!