I have always wanted to try eyelash serum to give my short, stubby lashes a boost! RedBox Rx made it so easy and I am loving the results with RedBox Rx’s Bimatoprost® Eyelash Serum. I tried RedBox Rx’s Bimatoprost® Eyelash Serum through a paid partnership. My experiences and opinions expressed in this blog post are my own.

My experience started with a free, online consultation. As a busy mom, I am horrible about making time for myself. I loved the convenience of RedBox Rx’s convenient telehealth service. It was fast and easy. Click here  to save 20% on your first order at RedBox Rx. I selected “What We Treat” and chose “Eyelash Growth.” I started my free, online consultation for Bimatoprost® Eyelash Serum, the generic, lower cost version of Latisse®. It contains the same FDA-approved active ingredient for longer, thicker, and darker lashes. Within minutes, I connected virtually with a U.S. licensed physician who answered my questions. In less than 10 minutes, I placed my order and within 3 days I had my eyelash serum delivered to my home.

You can watch my Instagram video to see how easy the serum is to apply. The directions are clear and simple. I wash my face before bed and apply any night lotion or cream to my face.  I apply one drop of eyelash serum onto one applicator, using a new applicator for each eye. I apply it by running the applicator brush along the area where my top lashes meet my eyelid. 

I started noticing results in just two weeks and I am ecstatic! Full results are in 2 to 8 weeks and I will continue to update my blog post here to show the growth. The first thing I noticed was a thicker look to my lashes in the first two weeks. I am excited to continue to share updates here and on my Instagram!