We took our family game night outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and on the road to play with extended family and we have some new fun ones thanks to Tryazon and Spin Master Games! The boys were completely enthralled by Jumanji. From the moment you open the board, it draws you in with exciting sounds, riddles and challenges. And it’s a cooperative game which is always a win in our house.

The boys loved playing with their cousins and following the silly and creative storytelling and challenges. The board is colorful and fun and the sounds add a unique and lively element. The kids recently watched the movies so they really loved feeling like they were connected to that excitement. I think this would make a great gift for ages 5-12.

I laughed until I cried playing Hedbanz Blast Off. If you don’t guess what is on your card before the timer on your headband runs out, the card blasts off your headband. This is a fun new spin on the Hedbanz game we love to play as a family.

In Beat the Parents, it’s kids vs parents in a fun game of trivia and challenges. But, kids and parents make a wager and mama got her car cleaned out (whoo hoo!). The trivia is very well done with questions designed for adults and different questions for kids so everyone can have fun. The challenge cards included hilarious competitions like a push up contest and a race around the house to locate pink items. We never knew what the challenge would entail but had the kids laughing and excited the whole game. I think this is a great family game which could be played by anyone age 4 or older and would make a great gift. 

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