This incredible treasure, is located in the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park, Kansas. It is a must-do for kids of all ages, especially up to age 10. We’ve been to Deanna Rose dozens of times over the last few years and you can see the pure joy on the kids faces as they delight in this amazing place.

Pure joy feeding one of hundreds of goats at Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead

They are open April through October and it’s only $3 dollars to get in. I remember growing up going to my grandparents’ farm. With city kids, it’s nice to give them a farm experience with the sights and sounds to engage in conversation and learning about farm life. You can bring your stroller to use on the paved pathway, pack a picnic to enjoy and plan to spend several hours here.

Outside of the big red barn at Deanna Rose in Overland Park, Kansas.

My kids’ favorites are the small fishing lake where you can rent poles and buy bait, lots of goats to feed with darling bottles, a butterfly garden, a tall silo slide, several fun playgrounds, a nature trail and all sorts of animals.

Bottle feeding the goats is always a fun and special part of our visits to Deanna Rose

Each October, we look forward to a visit to Deanna Rose to enjoy Pumpkin Hollow. This is a special area they create ahead of Halloween that has a small pumpkin patch where kids choose a pumpkin, there is a large slide, tractor/train ride, corn sandbox and a ride out on a horse-drawn trailer.

Pumpkin Hollow at Deanna Rose
Climbing a giant stack of hay bales and sliding down the slide in Pumpkin Hollow at Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead

There is an additional fee for this but my kids have loved it each year. In fact, my oldest is 7 years old and sadly we are probably one short year away from him outgrowing this area. I feel like it was just yesterday when I took him there as a baby.

My first visit to Deanna Rose when Jonathan was a baby

Our favorite way to start our journey at Deanna Rose is to turn right on the path after you enter, see the chickens, walk through the red barn, meander along the path to the tepee, goat feeding, horseback riding, fishing, pedal tractors and then hit the restrooms back by the entrance before venturing toward the eastern or back portion of the farm.

Butterfly Garden at Deanna Rose – look at that sweet face!
Horseback riding at Deanna Rose

My kids can spend an hour at the playground so I enjoy using that opportunity to relax on a bench. From the playground, we then wind around toward more goats, the butterfly garden, peacock, bald eagle, bobcat, walking trail, bison and prairie dogs.

We typically have our picnic lunch and grab a delicious ice cream back by the entrance before wrapping up a fun filled day. I always leave a donation when we leave because it is such a wonderful value at $3 and I’m amazed by what they offer for such a low price.

Roen’s little tuft of hair blowing in the breeze as he enjoys one of several playgrounds at Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead.