Adventures in Mom Life

From TV News to Terrible Twos

After more than a decade of living my dream as a local television news anchor and reporter, I traded in my microphone, breaking news and fake lashes for a better life for my family.

Diving Into My "Blob"

When I started my blog, I told my kids first. I knew they would encourage me and be proud of me, even if at 5 and 7 they didn’t know what a blog was. In fact, my 5 year old, calls it my “blob”. Something about that sweetness made this whole new adventure in blobbing a little less scary.

Adventure Days are the Best Days

With kids, every day is an adventure. Hawaii. Disney. Yellowstone. Canada. Read all about our family travel adventures with photos and videos here!

Hi, I'm Jana...

better known as Jonathan’s mom and Roen’s mom. I’m a hard-working, life-juggling, former TV newsie, current PR guru, coffee drinking, Kansas City loving, adventure seeking, mom on the go.

I love my kids fiercely. I went through loss and infertility before being blessed with my miracle, Jonathan, 7 years ago. It still brings tears to my eyes when I reflect on that journey. And while I would not wish that on anyone, I know that loss and struggle made me the grateful mom I am today.

My favorite phrase is, “adventure days are the best days”. I’m excited to share our adventure days with my mom tribe.

Adventure awaits!